Internet of Things (IoT) Platform and Solutions

RACKS24 offers solutions across the IoT Ecosystem: Network & Connectivity, Sensors & Gateways, Orchestration & Interoperability Platforms and Applications;

We are vendor agnostic and our approach starts with consulting: gap analysis and the understanding of the wants and needs of the operator and its market ​

We recommend a roadmap of services starting with the connectivity option(s) all the way to building the Telco’s IoT marketplace of vertical applications.

We design, implement/integrate and operator/manage the services and solutions by leveraging a network of world-class partners and technologies.

RACKS24 offers both

horizontal (enablement services) and vertical (specific vertical) solutions: ​

○ IoT network selection, design and deployment

○ Selection and provisioning of Sensors and Gateways

○ IoT Application Development Platform and API platform solutions (for integrating and orchestration among a multitude of IoT solutions and existing IT platforms)

○ Smart Power and Water Metering

○ Facilities Management

○ Energy Management

○ Environmental Management ○ Smart Benches and Digital Signage for Cities and Campuses

○ Asset/Vehicle Tracking and Management

○ Smart Parking ○ Smart Garbage Management & Collection