Business Continuity & Cyber Security

RACKS24 works with several cutting edge technologies, to deliver high-end security testing and vulnerability assessment services that are custom-tailored to our customers’ requirements.

Mobile Threat Defense

Secure iOS and Android devices against all types of Threats and attack vectors, including: Network Attacks, Applications infected with Malware, Vulnerable OS, and Unprotected Hardware.

Real Time Threat Intelligence

Protect your data and assets residing outside your corporate perimeter. Detect attacks before they happen, Search the Dark Web, retrieve and recover stolen Credit Cards or Compromised Credentials, and Monitor your organization Digital Footprint.

Industrial Cyber Security Services

- Data center and grid protection - Isolation and Hardening - 24x7 real time monitoring of smart grid traffic and components - Smart meters security hardening

Application Security Testing

- Penetration Testing: Mobile, Thick Client, & Web - Static App Security Testing [SAST]

Infrastructure Penetration Testing

- External, Internal, Wireless, & Cloud-based Networks - Servers, Applications & Databases, Hardware & IoT

Cyber Attack simulation

- Red Team - Adversarial Simulation - Detective Controls Testing

Advisory Services

- Threat & Vulnerability Management Program - Building and Managing SOC